Design Project


This module aims to integrate all previous and new learning through research, design development, presentation, and the production of a new personal body of work. By engaging in design projects learners will learn fundamental interaction design approaches, methods, and tools. Learners will work independently and in groups, giving them the opportunity to work in a self-directed and collaborative manner. The studio projects will give students the opportunity to consider both the theoretical and practical aspects of the discipline in response to a diverse set of project briefs. Learners will engage with a combination of faculty, industry, and external stakeholders in the development and delivery of their projects. Learners build on analytical and conceptual skills, CAD technology, communication and presentation skills, pottery production, and business skills. Through real-world experience via work placements in the ceramic industry, live project work, and the production of a final body of work.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the different methods of production, design, costing, pricing, sales & marketing available to ceramicists. 

  2. Act independently or contribute as a part of a team in the professional workplace and or management of a production team.

  3. Professionally design, develop and present creative concepts supported by academic research, investigation, analysis (visual notebook), and the use of development drawing and a CAD presentation.

  4. Draw up a comprehensive production plan for the development, prototyping and production of an original body of work.

  5. Develop project-specific solutions, applying a high level of skills in the selection and use of materials and processes.

  6. Undertake a work placement/live project, applying learned theory and principles within a practical project.

% Coursework 100%