Design Skills and Creative Practice 1: Introduction to the Practice


This module is an introduction to basic aspects of Design and it’s processes. The learner will engage with the Elements and Principles as they apply to Design and explore these in a variety of basic tasks that facilitates creative and abstract thinking abilities, research, problem solving skills, design logic and reflection. Students experience the link between research, design and making through hands-on challenges, critical analysis and seminar discussions. They communicate their ideas through the production of design sketches and specification drawings culminating in a final product. The presentation of these outcomes is considered as an integral part of the design process.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate, in the form of a workbook, an ability to identify and research the fundamentals of Design principles in a variety of forms.

  2. Engage with creative thinking and problem solving in generating design possibilities which are tested through practice and document the development of their own work processes through the keeping of visual workbooks.

  3. Create appropriate creative design products that successfully interpret the given set of tasks.

  4. Present these outcomes in an appropriate manner that reflects skills and know-how in the design process and which communicates the relevant design concepts effectively.

% Coursework 100%