Design Studio


In this module the learner is introduced to the Design environment through engagement with the formal visual Elements and Principles of Art and Design by exploring drawing, colour and 3D activities in the Studio. Media and processes are explored through a variety of appropriate studio exercises and practices.

Drawing- Observational, representational, technical and experimental drawing exercises enable the learner to acquire relevant practical skills and appreciate Drawing as a vehicle for visual recording and enquiry.

Colour- Introduction to the nature of colour through observation, analysis and application. Through a series of exercises, the learner will explore and engage with the principles of colour relativity in practical applications that are relevant for artists and designers.

3D- Introduces learners to the basic aspects of spatial dynamics, elements of 3D construction and the principles of design necessary for the creative production.


Learners will engage with abstract thinking, research, problem-solving, design logic and reflection.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the formal Elements and Principles of Art and Design through the documentation of appropriate exercises.

  2. Integrate critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills, with an emphasis on research enquiry in the course of exploration and experimentation.

  3. Present assignment outcomes which communicates the relevant concepts effectively and reflects skills, know-how and autonomy in Design practices.

  4. Develop and demonstrate a basic understanding and awareness of the work of historical and contemporary designers.

  5. Demonstrate the development of skills, acquired through engagement with Studio and self-directed activities.

  6. Show evidence, in the form of 2D and 3D outcomes, of the exploration of a variety of materials, techniques and processes.

% Coursework 100%