Design Thinking and Theory


This module provides an overview of the role of design in contemporary society, and design methodologies to address the challenges faced by people and planet.  Contemporary theories and principles of design including sustainable, universal and service design will be explored.  Global strategies and reports pertaining to complex design problems will be referenced and innovative contemporary designers and their platforms will also be discussed.  

Learning Outcomes

  1. Define a design problem in comprehensive terms and viewpoints.

  2. Research, develop and evaluate alternative ideas and possible solutions to complex design problems

  3. Write and present clearly articulated, factually supported, critical reflections on a topic from the lecture series employing academic methods of research and citation

  4. Apply knowledge of design theory and principles to the analysis of case studies in both written and verbal presentations.

  5. Interpret and critique the effectiveness of various design methodologies  in addressing the issues that impact contemporary society.

% Coursework 100%