Developing the Professional Practitioner in Outdoor Education


This module aims to help learners develop professionally and personally and equips them with the skills and knowledge to enable them to plan for and achieve career objectives. Students will be prepared for, and adapt to, an ever-changing changing world of work.   Demonstrating professional communication skills in various situations and on different platforms will assist students as they develop and refine a professional career portfolio. Learners will gain knowledge and skills in relation to the recruitment and selection process, creating professional documentation. The focus is on career, personal and professional development.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Appraise their developing professional selves as outdoor practitioners

  2. Explore the demands of specific roles in the outdoor education sector

  3. Establish a professional online presence, utilising various platforms and networking opportunities

  4. Produce professional documentation following accepted conventions of design, structure and content, particularly those required in the recruitment process

  5. Present and articulate professional skills and experience in an employment interview scenario

% Coursework 100%