Digital Media 1: Introduction to the Practice


Here, the student will be introduced to the basic elements of digital production. The building blocks of all future digital and electronic practices are laid here with the introduction of concepts such as resolution, layering, colour spaces and depths, Transformations, Effects, animation,frame rates and key framing.

This will be primarily be a fast moving technical module, which aims to excite the student about the possibilities of the media.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the ability to develop, transform, and critically evaluate an original idea, across a range of digital processes.

  2. Display clear evidence of the ability to balance imagination and technology in the development of innovative artistic outcomes.

  3. Exhibit an ability to communicate technical & critical issues clearly with staff, so as to facilitate the completion of the project.

  4. Exhibit an awareness of the wide range range of media processes which constitute contemporary artistic practise.

  5. Demonstrate an understanding about the relationship between the digital image/object and that which it depicts.

% Coursework 100%