Digital Media: Superdigital Interconnectivity


"Superdigital Interconnectivity”
This module seeks to capitalise on  the learning from“Digital Media1” in 1st Yr and expand on its core concepts in greater depth as well as introducing new techniques.
As the title suggests, the student will develop a critical and practical framework for seeing ideas through the gamut of digital practices from 2D bitmap & vector origination into stop-motion, key-frame and rotoscoping animation practices and on into motion graphics and video editing.

The students will be able to immerse themselves in a broad & deep module and critically equip themselves for the future!

Learning Outcomes

  1. Display the ability to work in a self-motivated and focused manner.

  2. Demonstrate the ability to follow a digital workpath from concept through to realisation.

  3. Exhibit the facility to seamlessly move through the primary material toolbox (bitmaps, vectors, fps, animation, video).

  4. Make evident the cognative ability to resolve material problems in a satisfactory way.

  5. Express an understanding of the location of Digital Media Art practices within the wider Contemporary Art context.

% Coursework 100%