Digital Teaching and Learning


This module facilitates teaching staff to build digital capabilities and pedagogic expertise, in order to design, deliver and support flexible, distance and online learning programmes. Participants engage with a suite of online digital teaching and learning resources, digital pedagogy approaches, online design frameworks and quality scorecards, and the relevant technology to become an effective online teacher and academic digital champion. The module is delivered through a blended learning approach and includes a suite of online learning courses and digital transformation workshops.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically assess a wide range of digital pedagogies to enable online and blended teaching and learning practice.

  2. Evaluate the role of the online educator learning models that underpin effective online teaching competencies.

  3. Construct a suite of digital teaching and learning resources to convert a module/programme to online/blended delivery.

  4. Differentiate between digital pedagogies, tools, technologies and effective delivery methods for teaching online.

  5. Develop effective student engagement and assessment strategies and recognise the diversity of online learner(s).

  6. Identify and implement an online course design strategy utilising quality scorecards and frameworks.

  7. Appraise peer mentoring and community based learning strategies and apply to digital teaching practice.