Digital Tools


Module Description

This module is designed for design students who wish to develop their digital skills in their practice. This module will enable students to acquire the skills and competencies to represent designs and ideas graphically using digital tools and software. Participants will develop a firm understanding of digital tools associated with their chosen design pathway. Learners will develop skills through a series of demonstrations, direct experience and focused reflection.

On completion learners will have gained experience in navigating a range of industry standard digital tools with focused learning in their core pathways.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify professional practices and production processes for digital design

  2. Recognise key theoretical principles, skills and technologies involved in the production of digital design

  3. Transform analogue concepts into digital form

  4. Prepare digital artwork, using a range of techniques and software, for both digital and print media

  5. Apply key design principles, skills and technologies in the production of digital designs

  6. Produce a coherent body of design work using digital tools to a presentation standard

% Coursework 100%