The Dissertation module is designed to provide learners with the support and tuition to pursue independent research and writing leading to specialist knowledge on a selected topic within their design discipline. Learners are encouraged to select a research topic directly related to their current studio practice and utilise the UN Sustainable development goals to inform their research topic further. Learners are required to undertake research on an approved topic using appropriate research methodology. The dissertation will be undertaken throughout the duration of the academic year with key staged deadlines and ongoing formative feedback. A series of seminars will take place in the first semester and there will be a student led seminar presentations on their research to develop their presentation skills and discursive ability. In the second semester, the emphasis will be on individual tutorial supervision towards completion of the written work which should be approximately 8,000 words (not including bibliography, footnotes, appendix, and cover sheet).

Learning Outcomes

  1. Determine a topic for investigation engaging with relevant design theories, principles and examples.

  2. Demonstrate research skills and systematic methodology in the location and accessing of appropriate information through libraries, electronic databases and other resources.

  3. Synthesise analytical and critical skills in the evaluation of examples of objects of craft and design, with integrated supporting references to published texts.

  4. Generate a considered argument, logically structuring relevant evidence in support of the case being made applying standard methods of citation and bibliography.

  5. Exhibit writing skills that articulate a clear expression of ideas, insights and conclusions.

% Coursework 100%