Drawing 2


A practical workshop-based module exploring the fundamentals of drawing and the development of effective and creative visual communication through drawing. 
The formal elements of drawing and observational skills are developed through a variety of methods and media relevant to the areas of Animation and Game Design.  
The student will be equipped with a knowledge and understanding of visual communication skills, drawing processes and the relevance of drawing within the area of creative media. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate technical skills and competence in the use of drawing techniques, materials and media 

  2. Display an ability to use drawing in order to create a variety of design tasks needed in animation and game design studios 

  3. Assimilate, critique and evaluate ideas and concepts in relation to historical and contemporary drawing styles in animation and game design

  4. Develop a personal voice through drawing, which can be applied and adapted to various studio tasks  

  5. Engage with and participate in drawing workshop activities. 

  6. Conduct analytical research through observation and drawing from nature and to utilize this visual research in the ideation of their own design ideas

  7. Identify areas of strength and weakness in their own drawing skill set and to develop strategies to improve and strengthen them further

  8. Demonstrate the ability to plan, produce and present concept and drawings in a professional manner

% Coursework 100%