Earth Processes


Earth Processes is the study of the various processes that have shaped the planet. The module will examine some of the large scale processes that operate on and within the planet and have subsequently influenced the surface processes that have shaped the Earth's surface. The module has a strong emphasis on Irish examples and involves both fieldtrips and laboratory practicals.  

Learning Outcomes

  1. Provide an outline the various Earth processes which affect the planet and explain how these processes have influenced the Irish Landscape.

    • Read maps.
    • Interpret geological maps and surveys.
    • Describe, identify and catagorise rock types.
    • Develop fieldwork and surveying skills.
    • Develop a systematic method of recording field observations.
  2. Distinguish the types of process that have affected the landscape

  3. Comment on the relative importance of man's interaction with the landscape and the possible consequences of this interaction in terms of triggering geohazards.

  4. Develop the competence to interpret the landscape for themselves and for others in an outdoor setting.

  5. Observe and participate in new experiences.

  6. Extract and retain meaning from field, laboratory practical experiences and field experiences. 

  7. Analyse their own learning and identify methods of increasing their learning

  8. Generate a deeper conceptual understanding of the individual components that have interacted to form the Irish landscape through fieldwork, theoretical lectures and laboratory practicals.

% Coursework 60%
% Final Exam 40%