Earth Processes


Planet earth is constantly being altered over time primarily by nature but more recently by human influences have accelerated upon some of these processes. Natural forces are continually impacting upon the Earth, sculpting and altering the landscape and planetary surface over a range of spatial and temporal scales. This module will study some of the various processes that have shaped the planet and provide students with the knowledge and investigate skills to make judgements and interpretations on differing processes and landform. This module will introduce students to a broad range of fundamental processes, concepts and techniques that are critical to begin understanding the evolution of our geographical and geological landscape and facilitate them in beginning to begin developing an interpretation of landforms within the Irish landscape. 

The module has a strong emphasis on Irish examples and involves both field trips and laboratory practicals which is reflected in the assessment breakdown of this module.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Provide an outline the various Earth processes which affect the planet and explain how some of these processes have influenced the Irish Landscape.

  2. Read and interpret geographic and geological processes from maps, Interpret geological maps and basic surveys. Describe, identify and categorise rock specimens types.

  3. Observe and interpret geographic phenomena in the field

  4. Have a basic competence to explain and interpret landscape features for others in an outdoor setting.

  5. Extract and retain meaning from field, laboratory practical experiences and field experiences. 

  6. Connect the module material with current event particularly as it relates to climate change, ecosystems and Education fro Sustainability

  7. Analyse their own learning and identify methods of increasing their learning

  8. Generate a deeper conceptual understanding of the individual components that have interacted to form the Irish landscape through fieldwork, theoretical lectures and laboratory practicals.

  9. Observe and participate in new experiences.

% Coursework 60%
% Final Exam 40%