Earth Science


This module examines the Earth in terms of its internal and external processes.   It deals with the ever dynamic nature of the Earth and develops concepts that explain landscape development with particular reference to Ireland’s geological and geomorphological heritage.  The module establishes a foundation for interpretation of ecology studies in year two of the programme.

Learning Outcomes

  1. understand the dynamic nature of the Earth’s systems and appreciate the interconnectivity of a number of Earth processes

  2. develop an understanding of  a number of Earth processes and how these processes influence the development of landscapes

  3. describe the geological history of Ireland and understand how that story is deduced from its geological heritage and landscape

  4. interpret landscapes with particular reference to Ireland

  5. use basic laboratory techniques including mineral/rock identification and map interpretation and to apply such skills in a fieldwork setting.

  6. conduct and develop self learning skills through independent research

% Coursework 60%
% Final Exam 40%