Education Projects 3


This module allows learners to develop a range of skills relevant to the teaching of the technology based subjects at second level.  This involves developing a deeper knowledge of the construction industry through project work. The projects facilitate student learning in the areas of project management, model making, developing teaching aids and resources, and devising construction studies based briefs for second level pupils.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Respond to a design brief, by identifying requirements; proposing and developing solutions; planing the making phase through to completion of artefact/project.

  2. Develop innovative presentation and demonstration skills, with particular emphasis on presenting engaging student centred activities.

  3. Critically assess and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a series of workshop or classroom demonstrations, with a view to approaching workshop activities, where practicable, from a problem solving perspective.

  4. Develop model making skills, demonstrating a creative use of sustainable materials and highlighting the value of 3D modelling for enhancing learning.

  5. Working collaboratively, estimate the work and time involved in leading a class through project work and the need for management of time and resources to ensure that the work meets the requirements.

  6. Apply learning from Architectural Design module to project work.

  7. Research and investigate sustainable construction methods and materials that can replace or compliment traditional construction. Highlight the environmental benefits of these methods in the context of the Construction Studies/Architectural Technology syllabus, with reference to SDG's where possible.

% Coursework 100%