Education Studies


Building upon the prior Theory of Teaching and Learning module, the Education Studies module further explores educational theory in the context of initial teacher education and training. It examines philosophical, psychological and sociological perspectives on learning, and their application to the classroom. Students develop their own unique philosophy statement, of education. The module further examines the history of education in the Irish context, with particular emphasis on technical education. Current issues in Irish education are explored including curriculum reform, intercultural education, differentiation and special needs education, universal design for learning, empathy education, and educational technology, among others. Active teaching and learning methods, and strategies for reflective practice, are both examined and modelled in module delivery.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply key principles of educational theory, in the fields of philosophy, psychology and sociology, to the development of a personal philosophy of education

  2. Demonstrate theoretical and practical understandings of Reflective Practice and Action Research in the field of teaching and learning.

  3. Discuss the historical development of education in Ireland, in particular the history of technical education

  4. Demonstrate critical awareness of current educational developments nationally, including implications for practice.

  5. Critically examine how to effectively implement creative teaching, learning and assessment strategies in the classroom, including the use of educational technologies.

  6. Develop strategies for differentiation and Universal Design for Learning in the classroom.

% Coursework 50%
% Final Exam 50%