Educational Leadership and Management


This module explores theoretical and practical aspects of educational leadership and management in the context of Higher and Further Education. Theories of leadership and management are examined and applied to a small-scale management research project in the context of current professional work. Critical explorations of management systems tools is included. Models of mentoring are assessed. Professional and ethical aspects of leadership and management are examined, in the context of codes of professional practice. Critical reflection is facilitated on key learnings.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Competently describe leadership and management structures in one case study institute in either Higher or Further Education in the Irish Context.

  2. Demonstrate knowledge competency in relation to theories of leadership and management, and their inter-relationship.

  3. Conduct a small-scale research study, in the context of Higher or Further Education, which integrates the theory and practice of leadership and management.

  4. Critically assess the effectiveness of one management system tool which is aligned with the research study context.

  5. Engage in ongoing critical reflection relating to metacognition and problem solving in the context of educational leadership and management

  6. Articulate a professional and ethical framework which can be appropriately applied to the research study.

% Coursework 100%