Employment Law and Finance


The module aims to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the nature, context, role and importance of financial control in public sector organisations, and their ability to select and apply finance concepts and techniques to support decision-making.

The module will also sensitise learners to the employment law framework in the public sector.  The objective is to ensure that learners have a comprehensive knowledge of the legislation and common law rules which governs the contract of employment.  This module will have a noted emphasis on employment law compliance skills and the relevant adjudication mechanisms. 

The module will be responsive to regional and sector specific requirements. It will focus on the needs of the Health, Social Care and Public Sector as required.   


Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a critical awareness of the sources of employment law and a specialised knowledge of the employment law framework in Ireland.

  2. Critically evaluate the nature of EU labour law directives and the wider European socio-economic context.

  3. Demonstrate practical skills in the application of employment law, provide evidence of workplace compliance and articulate a detailed knowledge of enforcement mechanisms. 

  4. Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the nature, role and importance of the financial control in public sector organisations

  5. Apply an advanced knowledge and understanding of budgetary control concepts and practices to financial and organisational control

  6. Illustrate and interpret appraisal techniques in the evaluation of capital investment proposals, as a support to managerial performance.



% Coursework 100%