End of Life Care for the Person with Dementia


This module is aims at offering the learner the  opportunity to develop competencies pertaining to Dementia and End of Life Care for the   person and families affected.  Learners will enhance their critical understanding and appreciation of the effects and impact of dementia on the person and their loved ones.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the challenges of having a family member with dementia.

  2. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the complex processes involved in cognitive impairment, memory loss and overall deterioration in functional ability for the person with dementia.

  3. Demonstrate critical understanding and practical application for communicating effectively with a person with dementia and their families in planning end of life care.

  4. Apply an evidence based approach to carrying out a holistic assessment of a person with dementia.

  5. Critically appraise the ethical and legal issues that arise when caring for a person with dementia at end of life, particularly for advanced care planning.

  6. Critically appraise the international, national and local guidelines relevant to dementia care in Ireland.

% Coursework 100%