Enterprise Operations


The Enterprise Operations module is divided into Operations Management, an Introduction to Marketing, and Management Accounting,

Operations Management is one of the core functions that a furniture/wood product's manufacturer engages with in order to achieve its performance goals. This module introduces the Learner to a model for operations management, which is based on the principle of a good initial design, followed by ongoing analysis and performance measurement with a view to continuous improvement of these operations. An understanding of topics such as performance measurement, operation's design, operations management, and production documentation will be developed in this module through the use of case studies and worked examples. The module prepares the Learner for full engagement with operations management in their industry.


The Marketing and Finance elements of the module aim to develop the Learner's understanding of and ability to use specific marketing and finance concepts and techniques as part of the processes of product development and decision-making in the management of an organisation. The subject areas will include market analysis, the segmentation of markets, formulating an offering for potential customers in the form of a 'Marketing Mix' i.e The Product, The Price, How it will be Promoted, The Place where it will be made available. Product/Process Costing with specific focus on the management of fixed overheads costs; Cost-Volume-Profit analysis; Investment Appraisal and Introduction to Financial Statements.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of Operations Management and its application in the manufacturing field with particular emphasis on its role in the furniture/wood products industry.

  2. Select and monitor a variety of Performance Measures in a manufacturing operation for the purpose of analysis and continuous improvement.

  3. Examine the principles and issues related to Designing the Manufacturing Operation and Operation's Delivery in order to be able to recommend how they may be applied in the furniture/wood prodects industry.

  4. Apply a variety of Manufacturing Operations Design and Operations Delivery techniques to industry based problems, interpret the results, and comment on an appropriate course of action.

  5. Identify and describe the factors and processes which influence the demand for goods and services in a modern economy

  6. Perform and report on an investigation and assessment of the market potential for a specified product/service.

  7. Perform an assessment and report on the financial and non-financial considerations relevant to common business decisions.

% Coursework 100%