Entrepreneurship and Professional Practice


This module will encourage students to use their personal career ambitions to position their practice within a professional context. Students will engage with a series of lectures, seminars and workshops related to possible pathways in design practice and industry. The module will address pathways to employment, entrepreneurship, and business start-up, including topics such as internship opportunities and competing in design competitions. The module will provide students with multiple opportunities to research and meaningfully engage with external agencies to explore and identify professional context including progression to employment, self-employment, or postgraduate study.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Integrate entrepreneurship, business and competitive considerations towards the development their professional practice.

  2. Explore professional environments and apply strategic thinking to their own career pathway development in the design/creative sector.  

  3. Produce effective self-promotional material to develop a creative practice in a professional and ethical manner. 

% Coursework 100%