Entrepreneurship and Professional Practice


This advanced module provides learners with an opportunity to develop and consider the key transferable skills necessary within 'professional practice of manufacture and design' including team and collaborative working, presentation skills, advanced design methods, and client liaison. It will also provide learners with skills they can apply to their own individual businesses in the areas of brand presentation, web, marketing, and entrepreneurship. The key focus of this module is to evaluate and define your direction within this industry upon graduation. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognise the standards expected of design practitioners in professional scenarios.

  2. Discuss and critically evaluate issues relating to professionalism and contemporary design and business practices.

  3. Refine professional presentation skills through live projects and industry engagement.

  4. Critically evaluate and apply the working methods of professional studio practice including team and collaborative working, client engagement, and design production.

  5. Demonstrate the ability to create appropriate responses to advanced design briefs.

% Coursework 100%