Entrepreneurship and Professional Skills


The module aims to develop and encourage Learner's entrepreneurial potential by enhancing their thinking and skills in this area. Learners will study and experience techniques which promote an entrepreneurial outlook while developing their ability to use established approaches to analyse potential opportunities before making appropriate choices for their organisation. It is anticipated that the skills and abilities they develop, will have value in Learner's future career roles as both employees or in starting their own business.

The module will also focus on developing Learners knowledge of the professional skill sets required and their ability to successfully use these in managing their careers in the context of the work environments in which they will be engaged.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the process of entrepreneurship: the motivations, challenges, opportunities, efforts, planning and decisions, risks, rewards, commitments and outcomes that entrepreneurs commonly experience

  2. Demonstrate the importance of having a personal vision, curiosity, alertness to opportunity, commitment to a goal, self belief, an internal locus of control, self motivation and flexibility, an urgency to complete the task in hand and a bias for action.

  3. Contrast the range of skills, abilities, experiences and personal qualities required by successful entrepreneurs with that of other career options and form a judgement about the career paths which best suit them at this stage in their career.

  4. Apply techniques for problem identification, idea generation, creative thinking, approaches to problem solving, evaluating alternatives and choosing best options

  5. Research, develop, prepare and present a detailed Business Plan and in so going, appraise alternative business options, choose appropriate options for the business and justify the choices made to relevant interested parties.

  6. Demonstrate skill in interacting with others, building relationships, influencing and developing oneself and others and networking.

% Coursework 100%