Entrepreneurship in Action


The purpose of this module is to enable students to take real and meaningful steps towards the enhancement and/or implementation of their business idea/plan. It provides a crucial link between the aspirations of the business plan and the actual challenges on the ground when it comes to getting a business up and running.    

Depending on the needs of the aspiring entrepreneur, this module will afford learners the opportunity to either:

(a) Commence the groundwork for launching their business idea by identifying, contacting and documenting potential funders, suppliers, distributors, government agencies, advisory boards etc.  or

(b) Enhance their existing business plan/idea by consulting with, and assisting, local entrepreneurs based in the GMIT Dublin road campus i-hub.

In addition to gaining crucial exposure to some challenges associated with new business creation, learners will also be given the opportunity to network with like-minded entrepreneurs and relevant support bodies to their area of interest. This module will equip learners with a level of practical experience, and access to a network, that will be of significant importance in the future.                  


Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the skills and motivation necessary to manage learning tasks independently, professionally and ethically.

  2. Identify and critically evaluate the role of key local actors in supporting business creation  

  3. Assess barriers to entry and discuss potential solutions 

  4. Develop a network of like-minded people in an area of relevance/interest 

  5. Apply new knowledge to strengthen and advance the credibility of the business plan/idea

  6. Reflect on their strengths and weakness in terms of networking and engagement and identify their own learning needs

  7. Display the necessary personal management skills to plan, organise and manage business projects and assignments.

% Coursework 100%