Environmental Legislation


Legislation as a tool in environmental management, with special focus on compliance with environmental monitoring and impact assessment. Particular emphasis will be placed on the practical aspects in terms of licensing and assessment in relation to Ireland's obligations under European Directives and advocacy. In addition, addressing international wildlife legislation pertaining to assessing and maintaining biodiversity.

Sustainable development topics referenced within the module include: 6. Clean Water and Sanitation, 7. Affordable and Clean Energy, 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities, 12. Responsible Consumption and Production, 13. Climate Action, 14. Life Below Water, 15. Life on Land.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the role of legislation in environmental management;

  2. Identify and understand the principles behind a range of relevant national, EU and international legislation;

  3. Describe the role and limitations of environmental assessment (EA) in Ireland and the EU;

  4. Evaluate national, EU and international legislation pertaining to assessing and maintaining biodiversity, and limitations in such approaches;

  5. Explain the measures to be taken across the EU in relation to invasive alien species included on the Union list (EU Regulation 1143/2014); including prevention, early detection and rapid eradication, and management.

% Coursework 100%