Essentials of Food Business Management


The module is intended to familiarise the learner with the modern food service industry and the various economic variables within it. All aspects of the business environment will be explored in order to equip the student with the relevant insights necessary to run a profitable operation with reference to best practice and industry norms. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Categorise the distinctive subsections of the food service market as defined by service style and target markets. 

  2. Identify best practice procedures with regard to cost control and managing revenue within a business.

  3. Apply numeric skills commonly used in food service operations, including costing, pricing and budgetary considerations. 

  4. Analyse the constituent parts of the control cycle used in food service, from purchasing to inventory management.

  5. Investigate best practice in the selection and use of modern ICT systems employed in the provision of service within the industry.  

% Coursework 100%