Ethics and Corporate Governance


To provide students with a knowledge and understanding of: the nature, complexity and importance of ethical considerations in corporate decision making; fundamental concepts of ethical reasoning and approaches to resolving ethical dilemmas; the relationship and interaction between corporations and society; and, evolving issues and concerns relating to corporate behaviour and governance typically encountered in the business world.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify their personal values and articulate their own moral perspective.

  2. Critically evaluate the relationship between corporations and society and ethical issues arising in a corporate context.

  3. Comprehend and appreciate the forces shaping corporate behaviour and governance in a variety of organisational contexts.

  4. Apply conceptual reasoning to identifying, analysing and resolving ethical dilemmas that they are likely to face in their professional careers.

  5. Demonstrate a critical awareness of current issues, practices and future directions in corporate ethics and governance.

  6. Present and critique moral arguments, and practice ethical problem solving.

% Coursework 100%