Exhibiting Contemporary Art


Exhibiting Contemporary Art introduces students to the themes, issues and practicalities of exhibiting contemporary art. It introduces them to the various art institutions in the local Galway scene - for example, 126 Artist-Run Gallery, Galway Arts Centre, TULCA, and Engage Art Studios. They use this experience and consider how to present their own interests and concerns they have been developing in the studio through a simple exhibition format. Emphasis is placed on the student presenting and discussing work exhibited.



Learning Outcomes

  1. Appreciate the different art institutions in Galway and the locale and the roles they play

  2. Articulate their own interests and concerns through a selection of work to be exhibited in the light of exhibitions experienced

  3. Mount a small exhibition considering themes, selection and placement of works in the space available

  4. Discuss the possibilities and tensions involved in moving from the life of the studio to the world of public exhibitions.

  5. Present a public talk and handle subsequent discussion when 'opening' their (mini) exhibition

% Coursework 100%