Film Making with DSLR


During this semester long module, the student will plan, shoot and deliver a short video work using DSLR cameras. Having considered a variety of relevant artworks, and having been instructed on the technicalities of filming and editing, the student will present a project proposal. This presentation will form the basis of the mid-term review which will inform the direction of the final piece. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Exhibit an expanded awareness of the range of contemporary practicioners using the moving image as part of artistic practice.

  2. Identify the knowledge required to develop and research a concept, then to bring that to a conclusion using the appropriate skill and techniques.

  3. Display a specialised knowledge of the techniques and skills required to produce a finalised moving image project.

  4. Exercise the management skills required to plan a project, solve problems, and present resolved artworks.

  5. Appreciate the similarities and differences between moving and still images and evidence a sympathy for the position and relevance for the moving image within the learners' own practice.

  6. Evidence an ability to explore individual artistic and social concerns using contemporary visual media.

% Coursework 100%