Financial Information Systems


The principal objectives of this module are to develop an understanding of financial technology ( fintech) , Global financial systems, financial information systems, advanced reporting techniques, data analytics , insights into database setup . The student will also develop a knowledge of the use of modern financial technology systems (fintech) in a practical context. Relevant cloud based applications are also covered in this context.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the principles of financial information systems, financial applications and data analysis software.

  2. Understand the global financial system / stock market & use of data analytics software to represent data

  3. Understand the principles of accounting and the application of these principles in a financial context

  4. will be able to demonstrate an understanding of FINTECH ( financial technology) systems including decision support systems (DSS) and advanced data analysis.

  5. Develop advanced skills for data analysis using advanced data analytics software ( eg Advanced MSExcel , Powerbi etc )

% Coursework 100%