Financial Management


This module covers many broad areas of Finance and Financial Management with a particular focus on business and personal scenarios.  Having an appropriate knowledge of Financial Management is valuable across all sectors of business, regardless of whether students choose to work in Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, IT or other disciplines.   By having a strong knowledge of financial management, students will be able to contribute and add value both within a business context and also on a personal level.  

Learning Outcomes

  1. Discuss the role and purpose of financial management.

  2. Analyse and interpret financial statements for the purposes of investment and financial management decisions.

  3. Explain and discuss the working capital cycle together with the main components of working capital such as Debtors, Creditors, Stock & Cash. Evaluate a number of practical scenarios in order to recommend improvements to working capital.

  4. Evaluate capital investment projects by collating and presenting relevant information and by using appropriate methods such as Pay-back Period, Accounting Rate of Return, Net Present Value & Internal Rate of Return.

  5. Discuss and evaluate appropriate sources of finance for particular situations.

  6. Apply financial management principles to individual personal financial decisions.

% Coursework 100%