Financial Services 2 - Pensions and Regulation


This module follows on from Financial Services 1 and is designed to prepare students to successfully achieve the 'Qualified Financial Advisor' modules in pensions and regulation. The module also incorporates relevant content to enable students undertake the CFA Institute 'Claritas' Investment Certificate following completion of Financial Services 1, 2 and 3.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyse the main generic types of retirement planning needs a consumer may have at different life stages

  2. Compare and contrast the main features, benefits, limitations and risks of the different generic types of investment linked pension policies.

  3. Assess the different retirement benefit options, in terms of savings, investment, and drawdown and to compare the advantages and disadvantages of alternativeoptions for a consumer.

  4. Classify the main aspects of financial services regulation, legislation and compliance.

  5. Appreciate the role and purpose of financial services regulation and its impact on the financial services environment.

% Coursework 100%