Food Science and Technology


This module will provide the learner with the basic theoretical knowledge on physical and chemical characteristics of food, the fundamentals principles of food science, which underpin processes and operations in food manufacturing and in professional catering operations.The module will also investigate the scientific principles behind traditional and novel practices in food preparation, processing, preservation, packaging.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the scientific principles applied to food transformations and food processing

  2. Demonstrate the knowledge of the basic concepts of chemistry and physics applied to food

  3. Evaluate the effects of food processing and technology on chemistry, flavour and nutritional attributes of foods

  4. Explore the current and future trends in food science and technology

  5. Explain the concept of quality control and its importance in the context of food production

  6. Describe the key microbiological aspects impacting food safety in a food manufacturing and catering environment

% Coursework 60%
% Final Exam 40%