Food Science, Technology and Quality Assurance


This module introduces the learner to the components of food, food production and processing.

Risk assessment in the form of HACCP is carried out at it is an integral component of Food Safety.

This module presents a structured and detailed description of both defined and emerging risks to public health associated with the modern food chain. Examples of important food-associated biological, chemical and other hazards will be provided.

Modern scientific approaches to detect and trace food-borne zoonotic agents will be highlighted as will advances in biotechnology

Learning Outcomes

  1. Evaluate the nutritive qualities of foods

  2. Produce and process a range of conventional and organic animal and crop products.

  3. Assess and evaluate the significance of "New Product Development"

  4. Demonstrate presence or absence of contaminants

  5. Identify current trends in biotechnology

  6. Produce a range of food products in accordance with best practice, EU standards and regulations and identify markets for same

  7. Be compliant at producer, processor and the retailer stages with farm food products

  8. Implements all stages of HACCP

  9. Follow best practice procedures, safety and quality assurance in relation to regulatory legislation in the marketing of food products.

  10. Identify the source, symptoms and preventative measures associated with certain food borne pathogens

% Coursework 75%
% Final Exam 25%