Foundations in Research


This module is specifically designed for the prospective learner who has not attained a level 8 qualification or who does not have research at level 8.

This module provides the student with an in-depth knowledge of  skilled essay writing, debates and critical analysis. It furnishes the learner with the opportunity to develop and further refine writing, research skills and theories of research methodologies. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Produce written work that demonstrates appropriate scholarly academic writing including structure, style and referencing.

  2. Critically understand the methods of critical writing as a method of formulating arguments,  hypotheses and theories within an academic context. 

  3. Summarise the contribution of Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and its application to professional practice and professional development. 

  4. Critically analyse research methodologies and methods and their application to professional practice, including pragmatic research methods.

  5. Critically evaluate research studies.    

  6. Critically evaluate ethical debates within the context of research.  

% Coursework 100%