Gaeilge Language and Culture 3A


The first of two modules that cover the syllabus at CEFR level B2.1, this course offers learners the opportunity to continue their study of Irish at intermediate level. The course will also further enhance understanding of the social, cultural and literary context of the language and will incorporate the study of Irish language media and film.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of extended speech, lectures and TV programmes provided the topic is reasonably familiar.

  2. Show comprehension of texts concerned with contemporary problems and displaying particular viewpoints. Understand contemporary literary prose, albeit with some work.

  3. Interact with a degree of fluency that makes interaction with native speakers possible. Take active part in discussion in familiar contexts, accounting for and sustaining own views.

  4. Present clear descriptions on a wide range of subjects related to fields of interest. Explain opposing viewpoints on a topical issue.

  5. Write clear text on a wide range of subjects related to fields of interest and conveying reasons for taking or opposing a certain viewpoint. Write communications highlighting the personal significance of events and experiences.

  6. Show a high degree of responsibility for self-directed learning.

  7. Demonstrate a critical understanding of selected works of literature, film and media.

% Coursework 100%