Game Design Studio 2


Learners will examine conceptual research, artwork and design for an original game design project. Learners will apply level design techniques to an original game project in a game engine. Learners will examine various method of game development for multiple platforms. Learners will apply advanced game scripting algorithms. Learner will apply advanced in engine animation transition techniques and statement machines.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify the appropriate skills and technical abilities necessary for production planning and management of an innovative game design.

  2. Demonstrate gaming industry best practices to research and implement an original game design concept

  3. Demonstrate advanced game design techniques and practises in the production of a diverse online games portfolio .

  4. Identify the implications to the design process associated with developing a game on multiple platform

  5. Demonstrate conceptual research techniques in the development of a game design project

  6. Demonstrate the application advanced game scripting algorithms

  7. Demonstrate the application state machines and other advanced animation transition techniques

% Coursework 100%