Game Design Studio 3


In this module learners will undertake industry client briefs which will give an opportunity to work with current industry professionals, and gain an insight and experience into current industry trends and techniques.The learner will assimilate a comprehensive study of game design with an understanding of the capabilities and benefits of different hardware platforms as well as familiarity with software technologies and techniques appropriate to each platform. The learner will exhibit a knowledge of industry processes and techniques required to deliver an original and creative game design project. The Learner will apply lighting mapping techniques to 3D environments suitable to multiple platform. Learners will apply standard in game engine AI features available across multiple engines

Learning Outcomes

  1. Synthesise the knowledge and practical application of game design to address an industry standard client brief

  2. Develop a final game design project, showing a fluency in a range of 2D and 3D graphics and animation packages to support the research, planning, modelling, prototyping and testing.

  3. Engage with gaming industry best practices and display a thorough understanding of professional practice.

  4. Adapt to new technologies and environments in a creative and strategic manner with a confidence to learn new skills and methodologies.

  5. Implement a range of platform specific design techniques for an original game concept. 

  6. Apply lighting mapping techniques to 3D game world environments.

  7. Develop AI game component the use game engine AI features 

  8. Engage with gaming industry best practices when evaluate the UX design for an original game concept.

  9. Develop a cohesive UI design for a particular game genre and art style.

% Coursework 100%