Game Design Studio and Theory 1


In this module learner studies fundamental skills and understanding in the analysis of game design and production as well as the basics of game programming. Throughout the module the learner will build upon fundamental skills and develop their knowledge of the practical application of game design. Learners will explore game narrative and interactivity in the context with game level design and genre. Learner will develop a full understanding of the Game World and Character Development. The Learner will develop an understanding of basic coding structures and Game scripting.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the basic principles of game design.

  2. Examine the theories and principles required in the production of game design animation assets and game design prototypes.

  3. Evaluate how basic game play concepts affect the way gamers interact with the games.

  4. Apply basic world building techniques to develop game worlds, characters and  a plot for a game

  5. Create engaging game design content concepts for multiple gaming applications and platforms.

  6. Develop and apply knowledge of game engines and their tools 

  7. Demonstrate an understanding of basic coding structures and Game scripting

  8. Develop the elements of a game design concepts utilising software to generate setting, character, structure and game flow.

% Coursework 100%