Geomechanics and Ground Construction Technology


This module will provide the learner with a basic knowledge of soil mechanics and the methods commonly used in various types of ground construction. Students will be studying soils origin, basic behaviour and mechanics of soils relevant to engineering applications. Moreover, they will study the main ground engineering constructions such as basements, caissons, piling, excavations, retaining structures and groundwater control. Safe and environmentally sound construction practices will be emphasised.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Discuss and describe geology and origin of soils (composition, origin, mineralogy)

  2. Have a basic understanding of the mechanical behaviour of soils and be able to carry out and interpret the most commonly used tests on soils

  3. Use phase relations to work out basic soil mass and volume parameters.

  4. Understand the principles of effective stress, permeability and soil strength, 

  5. Interpret information from the most commonly used site investigation methods.

  6. Describe methods of soil stabilisation, compaction and support.

  7. Describe the common methods of construction of prescribed geotechnical structures considering safe and environmentally sound work practices

% Coursework 50%
% Final Exam 50%