Guiding Skills


To equip the student with the necessary knowledge and skills in researching and compiling comprehensive itineraries and guiding commentaries, as well
as developing their communication and leadership skills to become a competent guide.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Appreciate the factors which influence their effectiveness as guides.

  2. Explore the changing market profiles nationally and internationally and the wide variety of professional skills required to service them.

  3. Develop an understanding of interpersonal skills and the ability to anticipate and satisfy customer needs.

  4. Demonstrate the ability to carry out in-depth local research and compile informative and interesting guiding notes and itineraries.

  5. Exhibit an appreciation of the importance of health, safety and welfare in the planning and performance of any tour activity.

  6. Take responsibility for own professional development and or assist others in identifying their own professional development needs.

  7. Demonstrate the skills of a guide to communicate and lead a tour group.

% Coursework 100%