Haematology 2


This module is intended to review and bring to a more advanced level, the study of haematology. The learner will demonstrate a thorough knowledge of a variety of haematological disorders and diagnostic techniques for the investigation and monitoring of same. The learner will critically analyse, interpret and communicate scientific information at a level required to practice as a medical scientist.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe and critically evaluate the role of the haematology laboratory in the context of patient care.

  2. Demonstrate a detailed knowledge of the production and normal physiology of haematopoietic cells as well as normal haemostasis. 

  3. Discuss the pathophysiology and clinical manifestations of a variety of haematological disorders. 

  4. Demonstrate a detailed knowledge of the diagnostic tools used in the haematology laboratory.

  5. Competently perform a range of laboratory procedures appropriate to professional practice with due regard for quality and safety. 

  6. Critically analyse, interpret and communicate results as appropriate for a clinical setting and advise on further testing as appropriate.

  7. Demonstrate a detailed knowledge of the principles of quality assurance and regulation in the haematology laboratory.

% Coursework 40%
% Final Exam 60%