Hotel Revenue & Distribution Management


This module covers the fundamentals of revenue management, demand management and distribution. The module will explore tools and techniques that will enable the learner to market hotel inventory and hospitality services giving them the knowledge to optimise hotel revenue effectively.  Students will use various business intelligence tools and techniques to extract, curate, and transform useful business performance data for the creation of shareable, dashboard-based visualisations.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Be able to apply the fundamentals of hotel revenue management

  2. Analyse  the distribution environment and the direct and in-direct channels available

  3. Recognise the importance of integrating sales, revenue and distribution to generate and optimise demand

  4. Distinguish between pricing, segmentation and forecasting as key revenue management cornerstones

  5. Examine the components of a Total Revenue Management (TRM) strategy

  6. Create meaningful, inciteful, visualisations using curated business performance data views for actionable business insights.

% Coursework 100%