Human Resource Development


Human Resource Development is the second of two modules in Human Resource Management. The modules aim to develop learners' skills in essential areas of HRM required by the CIPD professional standards. Development of human resources is essential for any organisation that would like to be dynamic and growth-oriented. Unlike other resources, human resources have rather unlimited potential capabilities. The potential can be used only by creating a climate that can continuously identify, further develop, nurture and use the capabilities of people. The module therefore aims at developing the learners' appreciation of human resource development processes within an organisation.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain Performance Management and its associated processes including, interalia, coaching

  2. Explain the factors which influence an organisation's pay and reward decisions, and develop reward systems appropriate to the organisation

  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the benefits of L&D for individuals and teams, organisations and society, and assess different approaches to the development of L&D strategies

  4. Identify how relevant human factors affect health and safety behaviour and explain the role of the HRM function in promoting health, safety and wellbeing at work.

  5. Explain the nature of the employment relationship

  6. Describe how HRM practices are adapted when operating in an international context

% Coursework 100%