Industry module


This module equips the learner with the communication skills required in the work-place and allows them to put the engineering knowledge, skills, tools and techniques acquired in their Manufacturing engineering programme into practice within a working environment. Students taking on this module have to be in employment and work a minimum of 20 hr per week in a manufacturing environment. They also require evidence of certified prior learning in Quality and Lean Manufacturing.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply the engineering knowledge, tools and theory, learned on their chosen programme to the solution of broadly defined engineering problems.

  2. Describe the structure of modern organizations and the role of the engineer in business.

  3. Operate as an effective team member, and communicate effectively with co-workers across a wide range of disciplines to solve engineering problems.

  4. Solve assigned engineering problems in a methodical, proactive and creative manner, with minimum supervision.

  5. Apply Project Management skills to manage his or her time and projects.

  6. Report their work clearly in written and in oral format.

  7. Perform experiments, test protocols and engineering tasks in compliance with industry-appropriate internationally-recognised standards.

  8. Apply the Engineers Ireland Code of Ethics to the select and implement the appropriate path to the resolution of engineering problems.

  9. Reflect on their practice and propose improvements.

% Coursework 100%