Industry Module 1 (TK)


This module is based on the theory of cognitive apprenticeship. In order to become engineers in the field of automation students need to learn about manufacturing processes and culture. In this module students are immersed in their company as an operator or trainee technician. They reflect on the culture, learn about manufacturing processes and attend around 30 hr of automation training which will allow them to operate and programme a robotic arm.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Comply with company's procedures and policies, and describe the company's ethical guidelines relating to the workplace, customers and the environment.

  2. Programme and operate a robotic arm in a safe manner.

  3. Wire and troubleshoot a Programmable Logic Controller using best practice.

  4. Describe and explain manufacturing processes available in the work place.

  5. Undertake a basic technical project demonstrating a skill acquired in their programme.

  6. Integrate in the company work place, communicating and contributing as an individual and team member, and describe the company's organisational structure.

  7. Reflect on their experiential learning.

% Coursework 100%