Industry Placement Ag Bus


Students are required to carry out a placement in order to gain suitable industry work experience.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate ability to research and plan for industry placement.

  2. Demonstrate specialised knowledge of operating a farm or an agribusiness, procedures involved in the farm or agribusiness management, and an understanding of how a farm or agribusiness operates.

  3. Participate in the planning and management of a farm or an agribusiness.

  4. Behave professionally in the planning, operation and management of an agribusiness or a farm.

  5. Have sufficient knowledge of agribusiness or farm work experience to manage an agribusiness or farm under direction.

  6. Reflect on their individual performance at work, respond appropriately to employment appraisals and maintain an employment diary which records and analysts critical incidents that have occurred during placemnt.

% Coursework 100%