Information Technology Comprehensive


To establish a practical proficiency and a theoretical understanding of the fundamental spreadsheet and database computer applications that the learner will encounter.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Use appropriate spreadsheet software to plan, create, develop and navigate worksheets and workbooks.

  2. Format workbook and worksheet cells, ranges and datatype content using selection, editing and print preparation techniques.

  3. Develop worksheet formulae and enter spreadsheet functions to complete calculations efficiently.

  4. Develop real time dynamic content through use of conditional formats - expand.

  5. Analyse and chart financial data using spreadsheet charting function, data sources etc.

  6. Managing Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks - Consolidate information using 3-D references, Workbook groups and hyperlinks.

  7. Use appropriate database software to learn basic database concepts, hierarchy and terms.

  8. Create and build a database, define table relationships, create forms, create reports and import data from different sources.

  9. Maintain and query the database based on multiple tables using exact match conditions, comparison operators and logical operators; perform calculations using aggregate functions and record group calculations.

% Coursework 100%