Inorganic Chemistry 2.1


An introduction to inorganic chemistry in terms of its principles and applications.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Discuss the principles of bonding and structure in inorganic substances.

  2. Discuss the importance of transition metal ions and complexes.

  3. Understand the fundamental principles of inorganic chemistry thereby enabling further study.

  4. Predict the outcomes of simple acid-base and redox reactions.

  5. Select techniques for the appropriate synthesis, analysis and characterisation of inorganic compounds.

  6. Assess the validity of experimental data, compare test results with expected results, and assess any discrepancies.

  7. Operate a range of instrumentation, obtain data and report the results in a competent manner.

  8. Operate under supervision in a laboratory situation.

% Coursework 40%
% Final Exam 60%