Integrated Culinary Skills


This module provides experience for enhancing culinary skills and advanced techniques of the professional chef. The module focuses on trends and developments in the culinary landscape and explores the role of balance, flavour, textures and colour, when preparing and creating new dishes. Emphasis will also be placed on food waste, sustainable short supply sourcing of ingredients, wild foods and the most up to date technical trends in today's kitchens.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Design and create dishes suitable for a restaurant menu, based on the current trends and influences of contemporary and modern chefs from Ireland, Europe and beyond.

  2. Appraise the influence of provenance, sustainability and minimising food waste in recipe and menu development.

  3. Safely identify a range of seashore, field, forest wild plants appropriate for foraging and harvesting with due care for the natural environment, and suitable for use in a restaurant.

  4. Evaluate the art of food styling, and innovative plate decoration techniques to present food

% Coursework 100%