Interdisciplinary Drawing


This is a practical interdisciplinary module exploring historic and contemporary drawing in the context of 'The Artist's Note-Book', 'Drawing and New Technology', 'Drawing and the Life-Model' and 'Drawing as Movement in Space'. The fundamentals of observation and visual enquiry will be developed over specific six week blocks designed to concentrate on how drawing can become a research tool for the development of visual methodologies, experimentation, the interface between new and traditional technologies and a link between thought, movement and mark-making in two and three-dimensional space. The formal elements of drawing and observational skills will be developed through a variety of methods and media. The learner will be equipped with a knowledge and understanding of perceptual drawing skills exploring observation and process using tools ranging from the familiar to the experimental as they relate to drawing within contemporary art practice.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate technical skills and competence in the use of drawing materials and media.

  2. Display an ability to use drawing as a research tool.

  3. Demonstrate enquiry, creative understanding and experimentation in the language of drawing.

  4. Assimilate, critique and evaluate ideas and concepts in relation to historical and contemporary drawing practice.

  5. Develop a personal voice through drawing that can be applied in the development of studio practice.

  6. Engage with and participate in drawing workshop activity.

% Coursework 100%